Book Review – Ebook Carnival (Blossoms and Foliages by Daisy Bala)

Nature, in all her magnificence, envelopes us. If only we take the time to see and appreciate.

Daisy Bala takes inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh… quoting him in the opening line of her introduction to this delightful volume of nature poems, “If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

Although she terms it her maiden attempt, her words, delicately woven together, paint a visual so vivid, that it has the power to transport the reader to a fleeting moment in time.

Read about a white snowy landscape in the poem, ‘White sweet morning’…

“Whitewashed escapades

Cold breezy silhouettes

Snow deluged branches

Dripping snowflakes

Or savor this delicious description of waves on the sand in the poem, ‘The clarity’…-

“The turquoise waters splash

In sea foam green and varying teal

The wind rustles past the blushing spume

Swirling in crispy broth

On the sandy beach.”

Word by word, the poetess evokes a sense of enchantment, drawing the reader into her world, to witness with her the ephemeral beauty of nature ‘through a kaleidoscope of seasons’.

Not only does she pen pictures of “the dandelion silhouetted in pale morning lights, The breeze caressing the florets.”; she writes with equal élan about ‘An earthy stone, Standing aloof in these savanna’s’, bringing it alive for her readers, as she follows its gaze at the world around.

If you love nature, you will love this bouquet of poems.

P.S. Daisy has taken special care to describe every image that accompanies each of her poems for visually challenged readers. And these descriptions are as beautiful as her poems!

About the author

Daisy is a passionate author and blogger living in Chicago suburbs with her husband and two kids. She is a nature lover who draws her musings from the verdant green bounty around her. Her walk-in woods continuously inspire her to drink through the day’s eye and scribble the thoughts in her blogs. If not writing, she’s running around her 9 months old, changing diapers or teaching her 8-year-old basics of geometry. Her love for seasons and flora is implicit in her vivid writings.