Broken Bonds

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They say, we are born alone and we must go alone. Yet we believe that while we are here, we cannot live alone. We share love. We nurture friendships. We form bonds. Have you ever stopped to think that we are feeding a mere illusion? Because you see, the ‘alone’-ness never fades away. Whether it is a child learning to live alone… or the mother craving to be alone. Sooner or later, the bonds of birth must also fall off.

Broken Bonds

Do you remember Ma
That rainy day in June
When you drove me to the boarding school
You barely saw your little girl
Melting into a tearful pool

I was confused Ma
I could not understand
Why I no longer was welcome with you
But I must have been a heavy weight
That, I can see now

Eight years and nine months
Of living your life for me
I don’t blame you (Really)
But you were my life Ma
You were all that I ever knew

And it still hurts when I remember
How I stood outside that building
Watching you drive away
And in that moment Ma
I heard all that you didn’t say

In that moment
When you abandoned me
Outside that building made of stone
I grew up Ma
I learned to be alone

Jyotsna Atre
April 02, 2021

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