Glass Walls

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In a world full of have’s and have not’s, we have taken flaunting it to a new pit of insensitivity. Are you, like me, guilty of not seeing what exists on the other side of the glass wall?

Glass Walls

There’s a shiny glass wall
Brightly lit from inside
That beckons
Every time you drive past the mall
And every time you look
The neon sign flashes
A giant burger
At you
In gaudy colours
And you imagine how it would be
Biting into
The cheesy entrails
Squelching and dripping
Down your fingers
And although you are not hungry really
You park your car
In front of the shiny glass bubble
Trying to make up your mind
About the free cola or the unlimited fries
And because
The price point is so sweet
You decide to have both
Telling yourself not to overthink
Especially the calories
And so you bite into
The big sloppy burger
Knowing the insides will pop out
From the other side
It embarrasses you a little
And surreptitiously you glance around
To see if anyone noticed
But they are all lost
In their own piece of rotund heaven
Inside the glass bubble
And outside in the dark
Thin faces
With hunger
Oozing out of their eyes
The fat burger
Into mouths
Not hungry really
Just buying into the price point
And a selfie for foodstagramming.

Jyotsna Atre
April 8, 2021

This post is a part of the Blogchatter A2Z challenge

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