Just the news…

Time was when reading the newspaper with my morning cup of tea was the best way to start the day. Even when the television screens shouted out the news, or rather tried to pass off dramatized, opinionated commentaries in the garb of news; the crisp daily remained my go-to when it came to keeping up with the world.

But now, I seem to be losing my taste for news altogether. Does nothing good ever happen anywhere? Do we, as a species, simply have nothing good left in us? Or is that the business of news can thrive only on the negative?

Just news…

Vaccines doses
In short supply,
Hospitals low on oxygen:
Six people die.

Insurance cover ends
For healthcare workers,
But government won’t loosen
The strings on its purse.

No sign of election rallies
Winding down,
All eyes on who will
Wear the next crown.

Maharashtra fights over
Seizure of drugs,
Medicines sold in black,
Do we never run short of thugs?

New variants mutating
In the second wave,
If you still won’t wear masks,
You are foolish, not brave.

As if Kumbh wasn’t
Decision-making at its worst,
Pilgrims can’t wait now to get
to Tirumala On May 1st.

In other news,
Will India get its 1st woman CJI?
Citibank to quit India.
In Ladakh, army still on standby.

Only 3% of global land
Ecologically intact,
As Us and China sign
A business pact.

Can I not share anything
Except my depressing views?
But my dear, I am reading
Just the morning news…

Jyotsna Atre
April 19, 2021

This post is a part of the Blogchatter A2Z challenge

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