No means No

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No means No

Take a moment, and let those words sink in. For far too long, there has been a misplaced notion that no matter what a woman verbalizes, she is actually indicating a willingness to go along with your sexual thoughts about her, and that in fact, that is how women express their consent.

Nothing could be more repulsive than the advances of a man who doesn’t have the comprehension power to translate a No into a No. And no matter how suave you are, if you lack the power to understand, it is time we took you to task.

I hadn’t shouted out
I did say it
Over and over again
Your hairy paws away
All the strength
My thin shoulders
Could muster
But you…
You thought
It was a yes?
You thought
I was being coy?
That it was
Just the way
A woman consents?
So you pursued me
Just like
In the B-grade movies
That you like to watch
And use as
Your Dummy’s Guide
To all things girls?
So tell me
Which part
of what I said
Or what I did
Made you think that
You could
Stalk me
Harass me
Touch me
Which part
Made you think that
It was okay
To make my life hell?
The part where I said No?
Or the one where I said
Or was it Stop?
The problem isn’t with me
Never was
It is YOU
Who needs to cull
Your bigotry
And accept
No means No
And it can never mean
Anything else.

Jyotsna Atre
April 20, 2021

This post is a part of the Blogchatter A2Z challenge

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