Song of a dream

Centuries of women have gone before us, and centuries more might go by before the dreams that they passed on to to us can become reality. But every woman who has had the courage to stand up in face of oppression, had the strength to withstand the pain, who fearlessly walked over coals… She lives on, because we carry her within us… like the song of a dream.

Let’s make sure, it is heard. We owe it to every woman, who will come after us.

Song of a dream

Her laugh echoed / long
After the song / of
Her dream
Had frozen on her lips / and
The words had / dissipated
With the cold winds / Blowing
Over crumbling walls / of
Stifling dogmas / and
Craggy chasms / of pain
That stood powerless / now
Against her laugh / resounding
In / A thousand voices
Like / Frothy bubbles
Spilling over

Jyotsna Atre

This post is a part of the Blogchatter A2Z challenge

4 thoughts on “Song of a dream

  1. a beautiful read Jyothsna.. and I wrote a poem while experimenting with poetry apps (As part of my AtoZ T post) where I talked about laughter spilling over as well.. so when i read your words here, I felt that weird wonderful feeling you get when cool coincidences happen 🙂
    visiting from atoz; my latest post – Virtual Tours, Events, and More to Celebrate Poetry

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