Incredible India Bucket-List

If anything, the pandemic has left us yearning for the great outdoors and newer destinations more than ever. Unfortunately, curbs on international travel will stay longer. But as lockdowns ease, we can pander to our footloose fancies within India.

And believe you me, our country offers great diversity of weather, terrain, and culture… such that is difficult to find anywhere on the globe.

Planning my post-lockdown trips, I chanced upon ‘Incredible India Bucket-list’ by Aditya Sathe, a book listing 26 places across India, including natural wonders and man-made structures.

Organized alphabetically, the book covers well-known and popular places, such as Hampi, the Sun Temple, Udaipur City Palace, as well as the not often explored Xuan Zang Memorial Hall and Loktak Lake in Manipur.

To an avid traveller, this might be a rudimentary guide, but the stories that accompany each destination held my interest. Also, the fact that the guide includes places that a gypsy like me had not heard of… Dharur Fort in Maharashtra is one of them. Aditya covers many off-beat locations, some of which I have already visited. So I can vouch for the accuracy of the information, and the interesting descriptions and accompanying photos.

From Gir Sanctuary to Ziro Valley, from Thiksey Monastery to Hampi, and from Vikramshila to Yamunotri… the author, himself an avid traveller, offers an eclectic choice of destinations to the reader.

Importantly for me, this bucket-list worked as a reminder of places that I had read about, but had forgotten in pursuit of more glamorous journeys. No points for guessing that Edakkal caves in Kerala are my next travel stop!

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About the author

Aditya Sathe is a civil engineer and map maker, with a passion for poetry and photography.


In India, monsoons have arrived. Rains and clouds will fill my days for the next four months. The parched Earth will soak in these heavenly showers and turn a lush green. But right now, sitting in the terrace, I wonder if the sun is ablaze behind the grey horizon. And miraculously, just for a few minutes, the clouds part.

This haiku honours those few moments when I was able to click this pic. 🙂

Clouded skies
Sun peeks at the Earth
Hidden love

-Jyotsna Atre