Capturing the Melodies of Mind

Melody of a Muddled Mind by Kashish Mahtani

Poems are but whimsical words that take shape in the mind, and disperse like whispers with the wind… It’s fortunate that Kashish Mahtani has penned her words, in verse after beautiful verse, in her book ‘Melody of a Muddled Mind’.

They say, the human mind has 70,000 thoughts per day. That is roughly about 50 thoughts every minute. We hold on to some of these, and we let go most. Kashish has delved deep into the myriad thoughts passing through her mind, and ‘carefully… jot(ted) every stray rhyme, plot and thought’, and has penned gems that truly deserve a reading.

Poets are thought to be moody people, struck with a paralysis when commanded to summon words. Not Kashish. If in ‘A 2-minute Poem’, she has ‘conjured verses off the top of (her) head’; she opens the poem ‘Fill My Heart with Love’ with a delightful verse describing love’s exhilarating effects, that is sure to bring a smile to your lips.

“You fill my heart

With a love so sweet,

It trickles down my spine

And tickles my feet!”

Her eclectic choice of subjects, from insouciant to the serious, takes the reader on a roller-coaster of sentiments. One moment you are on a high before dipping unexpectedly to a thoughtful, sombre mood. Consider for example, the poem titled ‘The Admirable Stranger’. You stumble into it just after reading a love’s missive. And when you peek into the world of the ‘boy who grew up too fast’, the poet tells you of the ‘the pain… in his smile’ and how ‘his stories tore through (her) soul’.

The book is divided into five segments – Whimsical Whispers, The Heart’s  Rhapsody, Segue into Chaos, Death Knell, and The Phoenix Song, which appropriately ends the book with poems such as Closure, Don’t Cry, Rise Phoenix – Rise!

I would love to write about each of the poems in each of the segments, but I don’t want to take away from the reader’s joy of diving into the ‘Melod(ies) of a Muddled Mind’, and discovering their own interpretations in the poignant words of the poet.

About the Author

Kashish Mahtani – born & brought up in Kolkata, now living in Pune – is a blogger by passion and copywriter by profession. She is perpetually enamoured with those who spin magic with words. Old-school at heart but a millennial in spirit, you will find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Mehkashi. Melody of a Muddled Mind is Kashish’s first book.

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