In India, monsoons have arrived. Rains and clouds will fill my days for the next four months. The parched Earth will soak in these heavenly showers and turn a lush green. But right now, sitting in the terrace, I wonder if the sun is ablaze behind the grey horizon. And miraculously, just for a few minutes, the clouds part.

This haiku honours those few moments when I was able to click this pic. 🙂

Clouded skies
Sun peeks at the Earth
Hidden love

-Jyotsna Atre

Love is the only pain

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When despair surrounds you…

Love is the only pain

Some days are like this one…
When the sun melts into nights,
And darkness is the only light
That you can see…

Some days are like this one…
When vapours of despair cloud around,
And silence is the only sound
That you want to hear…

Some days are like this one…
When tears drench you in the rain,
And love is the only pain
That you feel…

Jyotsna Atre

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The past can throw up shreds of life that were never lived.

Life may not always turn out as we imagine it would. But when reality changes, is it possible to give up what could have been? To set someone free, to unshackle them from the burdens of shared dreams?

I am not sure what the reply to this postcard might have been? But I do imagine that it was a practical acceptance of fate. The more interesting part for me is exploring if happiness found its way to the shredded soul. If the winds of fortune changed sails… however late?

To reflect the theme of delay of my first Postcard Poem, this post is intentionally late.


For being late.
Posting this from the
Hospital bed.
Do not worry, just shrapnel
From a stray grenade,
That missed me… Took
The man next to me instead.

Not sure if I can call it
A lucky twist of fate, though…
For it seems I’ll have no use for my legs
Henceforth, that’s what the doctor said.

And since he told me the news,
Hard as it was to palate,
I have tried innumerable times
To picture a life for us without feeling the weight,
And so, unbearable as it is,
I have decided,
Not to burden you with a love,
That must one day evaporate.

I do not doubt your unwavering devotion,
But I cannot allow my altered state,
To define your life. And I take solace in
Believing that this is what the Gods have decided.

Yours. For the last time.

Jyotsna Atre
April 01, 2021

This post is a part of the Blogchatter A2Z challenge