Change is My Cat!

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Love is fleeting. Glory is ephemeral. Families grow apart even during a lifetime, while friendships so rarely last. Haven’t we seen crowns crumble? Haven’t we seen that power is always lost? Why then do so many hanker for stability, permanence, forever?

Frankly, nothing lasts forever. Dinosaurs didn’t. And humans won’t either. Change is the only rule. Change can be the only constant. Which is why, if we accept that you and I must turn to dust someday, we shall know peace.

Change is my cat.

I notice how he averts his gaze,
Just so slightly,
When I look him in the eye,
And that always is the hint,
I have discovered, when a love is about to die.

What do I do now? Do I rant and rave?
Lament the years gone by?
No. That I will not do.
We were great together, while it lasted,
And for that I thank you.

It’s sad of course, when things change,
But hey! Change is my cat.
She will shake out her fur. She will make sure she survives.
She will land on her feet always,
Because Change has nine lives.

Three to play. Three to stray. Three to stay.
So I will take a chance and start over.
Change is the only constant, I have always heard them say,
And if that be the case my dear,
Give me a cat any day!

Jyotsna Atre
April 03, 2021

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