Life could be a zero… or it could be a whole. When you choose to face the sun… the shadows will always fall behind.

Poetry to me is mostly cathartic. Helps to clear spaces in my mind. After a month of bringing up emotions and letting the words flow, I am devoid of feelings that stagnated, crowded, weighed down my heart, blocked the mind… And now I finally sense an emptiness… a lightness… As if the wounds of life have healed… Making me whole again… Bringing life to a full circle… Zero state.

And just like that
The angst,
The anxiety,
The dread
Of life
And its losses
Are emptied
Like pockets turned
Inside out
The catharsis done
Life turns a full circle
A zero if you will
So I might start afresh.

9 thoughts on “Zero

  1. Truly said poetry is a way to release, it helps to release emotions and freeing of thoughts. I’m also a poetry lover and enjoyed your month full of poetic doses, also I so loved your postcard image, which made me nostalgic. Zero state to start a new journey again…

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    • I am so glad Pr@Gun to have found a fellow poetry person 🙂 And that you found the time to read through my blog. Its been a hectic April… but I hope that you have hit the reset button, like me, and there will be more words flowing from our pens in the days to come! Cheers to the zero state 🙂


  2. I can so relate to what you said about poems being cathartic. Sometimes I feel I express my inner turmoil best when I write poem. Poems don’t give you much space to hide, unlike prose where you can hide behind characters. I have loved reading your poems Jyotsna. They have been a right treat 🙂

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